Her Review: Gossip Girl, Season 3 Premiere!

Friday, September 18, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

Dr3's Uefa has started and so has my Gossip Girl! It's my guilty pleasure and the only TV I can manage to follow while keeping such a busy schedule. I'd like to go over a few of the highlights before the drama starts up again on Monday.

First off, what in the world was all that game playing Chuck and Blair were doing? The beginning of the episode turned my stomach when Chuck brought that chick home. Only to find out that the two of them planned to humiliate the girl. I think their final decision to role play was a much better choice, since they love to play games. Those two need help!

My heart goes out to Serena, who is going through such trouble to get her father's attention. I personally think she needs to get over it! But then again, that wouldn't make for good TV. But hooking up with Cristiano Ronaldo?! Really S?? (maybe Dr3 might be interested in watching now!) NOT.

Then Dan lies to his bestie Vanessa who is dating his half brother that he doesn't know about! Hahaha!!! Twisted right? Well that's Gossip Girl for ya.

Dan and the Humphrey clan are now filthy rich. I never thought that he would have made such a 180 from his usual trash talk about the rich kids of the Upper East Side. I hope he doesn't forget where he came from.

And Nate's dissent from his grandfather is getting old! He should know by now that his grandfather is a schemer. I hope he learns sooner rather than later.

Watch episode number 2 on Monday at 9 ET on the CW!

I promise to complete all my readings prior to watching the show.

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melissa said...

i still have to watch this episode! so excited!

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