Her Thoughts: Hollywood on the way!

Monday, June 29, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

Today was phenomenal! I hiked my butt up Canyon Lake Drive towards the famous Hollywood sign to exercise the innermost tourist in me. Then I headed to Hollywood Blvd; you won't believe what I saw! I'll share the greatness with you all very soon.


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Topic of the Week- Prevention vs Cure; Is Forgiveness Possible?

Sunday, June 28, 2009 by Dr3

He said:Forgiveness or at least what I perceive to be forgiveness is the ability to not only move forward but to “forget”, and to not require any punishment or restitution. I believe this forgiveness is impossible.

Being able to move forward with a “clean slate” after someone/something has hurt you is impossible (for me, and I believe for almost everyone). No child who is burnt by fire is as naïve or as “wide eyed” with fire, as he/she may have been before, ever again.

With this in mind then, I believe that prevention is better than cure. From a relationship standpoint, as long as doubts and fears are introduced, they never go away. Like I defined in the beginning, moving forward is one thing, but being able to have that whole “clean slate” feel, is impossible. It is human nature to dislike feeling pain (physically or emotionally), as a result of which we try to either avoid or reduce the amount of painful circumstances we face and experience.

I have seen it time and time again, where couples who have dealt with cheating, are never the same, couples dealing with lying, are never the same, etc. Once that seed of doubt is planted, it results in one party constantly fighting an uphill and no doubt fruitless battle to kill the negative perception of them self. Conversely, the other person is left wondering if they are in fact being duped again, or is this person for real.

It’s an unfortunate reality; our minds never forget. No matter how much love, respect, joy, or supposed bliss someone shares with another, once a doubt is exposed, insecurity is born, from which there is no return to “normal”.

Prevention is better than cure.

Real forgiveness may be a cure, but the common forgiveness (the moving forward, but not forgetting), like Advil, or Aspirin, only reduces and temporarily relieves the symptoms.

She said: Prevention is ideal, but I think forgiveness to cure a wrong should also be explored as a way to rebuild and restore a relationship or to move on from one.

To prevent a wrong from taking place is the best way to avoid any bumps in a relationship. However, I still think it’s possible, especially in the early stages in a relationship, to fall short of the expectations that your partner might have for you. We can work day and night to try to avoid this from happening; however each and every one of us is human and therefore are likely to sometimes fail the people we love.

I believe it’s necessary to make some mistakes though, hopefully those errors are fixable and both involved are able to move forward from them, learn a lesson, and have an even deeper connection with one another after dealing with the issues.

Unfortunately, there are several examples of things that we think are unforgivable, also known as “dealbreakers”. Each and every one of us have our own list of inexcusable acts and these things if committed against us are automatic ends. If that is the choice that one decides to make, that is their decision. After the fact, when the rebuilding stage is taking place, I think that one has to learn to forgive in order to move on and be blessed.

Real forgiveness is hard to accomplish, but with God’s help it can be achieved. Lewis B. Smede’s quote says it best, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

Do you agree with what He said or with what She said? Have your say on the Topic of the Week.

Dr3 & Sammy-Jo

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Her Thoughts: YOU give me butterflies.

by Samantha Clarke

The Only Number on Twitter!

by Samantha Clarke

I'm sure you all have heard about Twitter and the terms that go along with this free social networking service. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical about the idea of having another account on another site. I've been from BP and Hi5, to Myspace and Facebook and I'm sure there are several others you can name that have come and gone over the years. At this time I can say that Twitter is like no other.

Since joining Twitter I've been able to learn about a whole bunch of interesting things in real time from the people and companies I follow, including Barack Obama and some of my favorite bloggers. Each "tweet" is a short and to the point with the possibility of adding links and photos. You can also communicate and keep up with friends by replying to their tweets. Twitter can also be used with your blackberrys and iphones. Find friends and family memebers, celebrities, your favorite companies or those with common interests to keep up with. Learn more about the history of twitter here or watch this video.

Join Twitter.com now and follow The Only Number here!

Her Insight: Mary Manin Morrissey

by Samantha Clarke

Start living now.
Stop saving the good china for that special occasion.
Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes.
Every day you are alive is a special occasion.
Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God.

The wise words of Mary Manin Morrissey.

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His Insight: George Bernard Shaw

Saturday, June 27, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

The wise words of George Bernard Shaw.

Her Joy: Beach VB at Manhattan Beach!

Friday, June 26, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

I had an absolute blast yesterday when my two loves were combined - the beach and volleyball!

I am so lucky to have 2 Professional athletes and a future doctor in my camp. Not only did I get a great workout in, but I was able to have my knee looked at when it screamed out in pain.

The weather was a little chilly, but we barely felt it once we started moving. After a couple hours of play with a few spectators, we walked around Manhattan Beach and quickly realized that Jamba Juice was the most suitable afternoon meal. Haha!


It was a great day in all, I even got caught with my tongue out! LOL

Thanks ladies, I love you all.


Her Want: Neon Plasteramic Watches by Toywatch

by Samantha Clarke

I first saw this timepiece on the First Lady, Michelle Obama, during her trip to Paris with the girls. The new Neon Plasteramic line by Toywatch come in a slew of funky neon colors like kryptonite green, ultraviolet purple, plutonium pink, and atomic orange! They're also waterproof and made of plastic perfect for everyday activities. This one is definitely on my birthday wishlist.

Several of my favorite colors are sold out on Toywatch.com, but here some links to ones that are still in stock!

Neon Plasteramic Watch Collection - Atomic Orange
Neon Plasteramic Watch Collection - Plutonium Pink
Neon Plasteramic Watch Collection - Ultra Violet

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson 1958-2009

by Samantha Clarke

I will always remember where I was when I found out that the King of Pop, passed away - Manhattan Beach, CA. Much closer than I would have imagined.

Where were you?

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Her Commentary: Couples That Dress Alike... Yay or Nay?

by Samantha Clarke

I actually like these two, so I may be a bit partial to the situation in this instance. They're dressed in jeans, black leather jackets, and white tees and I'm sure it was totally planned.

It's a simple look and they both look great, however the idea of dressing exactly alike isn't always cute. I myself think it's cool to compliment each other, but I don't think I can plan to look alike like they did. Just a little on the corny side if you ask me. Check out Tom and Katie below, so not cute!

What do you think? Would you plan a matching outfit with your partner?

His Find: The Truth About Male Strip Clubs

Thursday, June 25, 2009 by Dr3

So, I made a startling discovery yesterday: all strip clubs are not strip clubs, there’s a HUGE difference apparently. Someone sent me a video link as to just what sorts of activities take place in male strip clubs, and in one sentence; it was perhaps one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen (I won’t share the link as I don’t want to promote adult content).

I haven’t been to a female strip club or “gentleman’s club”, but from all accounts there is: no touching, licking, etc, etc, the reason being rather obvious; men who are the sex craved fiends of society will undoubtedly overdo if given an inch with these strippers.

BUT to keep it short and “sweet”(hardly in this case), I was appalled to see just how loose the ladies could be, in fact, just how much “looser” the ladies get. I am talking about women doing things to sweaty men as public as a greyhound toilet, that you would usually expect from a karma sutra book. Of course too, the rules are less stringent since women UNLIKE the above mentioned deviants, would never take advantage of these strippers (right?).

It really goes both ways in my book; it is a dirty place to be in for both males or females, but if that’s your “stylo”,then just live your life.

Long story short, here’s my verdict:

Men: if your woman WANTS to go to a male strip club, she might just be a “worse-ting” (general version of a worseman), in disguise, and you need to jump ship ASAP.

Women: Even if you are single, you really need to ask yourself what else you could spend that money on; I mean Payless MUST have something that you might like. Seriously.

p.s. In the video, a man actually comes into the strip club, while his girl was on stage being and doing some “serenading”, and the rest is history, fights etc, etc.

Her Travel: The Getty Museum

by Samantha Clarke

After touching down at LAX, my friends and I headed to the Getty Center. The museum is filled with Getty’s collection of Western Art from the Middle Ages to the present. The art is second to the absolutely breathtaking views of Los Angeles and the beautiful white architecture.

After finding a parking spot, we headed to the Tram, a rapid transit styled transport system that took us to where the museum was. We were quickly directed to watch the Orientation film, a 9 minute video explaining how The Getty is set up and who J. Paul Getty is. There are 4 buildings, N S E W, that surround the courtyard. Each building houses various European paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sculpture and decorative arts, and European and American Photographs.

If you are in LA, make sure you visit the The Getty!

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Her Find: I ♥ The Get Go by the New Young Pony Club

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

I was shopping today and fell in love with this track. Check it out!

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Her Find: The Dream - Kelly's 12 Play (Remix) feat R. Kelly

by Samantha Clarke

What do you guys think of R. Kelly on this remix? I think he overdoes his famous 'oooh' improv thing. Download it here.

I'm looking forward to his new album, Untitled, that's supposed to drop this September.

Her Health: Check out today's route!

by Samantha Clarke

Here's this morning's route in Cali! I'm loving MapMyRun guys you have to try it.

Her Find: Ride the Megabus!

Monday, June 22, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

It is now officially summer and during this season there is nothing I want to do more than travel! It’s been a long and arduous winter, didn’t think I’d see the sun again, but thank God because Mr. Sunshine looks like he’s here to stay. I’m moving about myself and I wanted to share the phenomenon which is the Megabus.

Let me start by stating the obvious. I’m sure there are plenty of us that have at least one bus horror story – an unfortunate happening while traveling from one city to another by bus. Something along the lines of stranger starts a super random conversation and you being the nice person you are you politely smile and nod maybe remove an ear bud to listen. There are several characters I can recall with some twisted tale about how long they’ve been on the bus etc. Not to fear ladies and gents because the Megabus hold up to its name.

I don’t enjoy paying $200+ for the international fees charged when flying out of my homebase in T.O. to American cities. Therefore, I’m able to avoid the fees by flying out of Buffalo airport for more than half the price I would have paid flying from home.

The Megabus is like no other and when my ‘bus’ rolled up this evening, I was excited about my front seat on the double decker. Oh yes my friends, DOUBLE DECKER coach buses, just like in Londontown. There are electrical outlets in every row, free wifi, headphone plugins for am/fm radio and the best part, it’s ON TIME (and sometimes 15 minutes early). I have never been on a fully packed bus meaning plenty of room to be comfortable. So far, I haven’t found any faults with the company, so if you are looking for a cheaper way to travel and want to avoid the dreaded Greyhound check Megabus.com for schedules and fares.

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His Thoughts; I'm way too cool for love

Sunday, June 21, 2009 by Dr3

I'm too cool to love

I have seen so much information on ‘Facebook’, I almost know some peoples social security numbers. That certain aspect though; that social faux pas called love, is always a mystery. A person can say so much about what they love that it’s nauseating, but forget, or omit talking about who they truly love.

Now to steal from my favorite TV show ‘Seinfeld’, I too “hate” seeing the schmoopy woopy people. This is life and not the Brady Bunch, so I understand that people are not going to be walking around attached at the lips. But, and a huge but, when did it become a “don’t”, to express love. Public Displays of Affection (so-called PDA’s), are actually an issue in the modern day relationship between people. People are so into not appearing to be sappy, and ‘lovey’, that they leave their relationships undefined and “hidden”. We can fight in public, but God forbid we show affection, right?

We talk about breakups, hookups, flings and things, shoes size to condom size, but if we are asked about someone we love, we get quiet. The most secure, loving, nurturing, playful, and beautiful relationship, is tested by the fear of other people’s perception of a couples love. I have actually heard people argue that the person they are seeing is not to be called their girlfriend/boyfriend; in an attempt to mask the obvious truth that they were in fact past that point of being undefined.

The advent of all these social networks only added another “complication”. I must admit I have always been a black or white person, and I really don’t believe there should be or are any gray areas. This whole “it’s complicated” status, for me, is utter garbage. It either is, or isn’t, no rat races, no complications (I’m straying).
Now people may cry privacy from on top of a mountain but, and again a big but, if the issue is privacy, why do I know your social security number? If you are in fact a private person, you are a private person, period.

It’s amazing how we all can become abstract poetic geniuses in defining our relationship. The Facebook statuses that I’ve seen that are supposed dedications to people we love are both disgraceful, and works of art. Deny it or not, we have become too cool to say I love you. Not too cool for all our vacations to Cabo, and the Caribbean, nor are we too cool to be in a bikini or bareback with our six-pack out. We are figurative, and inventive, finding new codes everyday to keep our love a secret (why say anything at all then?).

I’m way too cool for this PDA and making announcements mess.

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Happy Fathers Day!

by Samantha Clarke

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.

The wise words of an author unknown.

Her Joy: Gossip Girl - Season 3!

Friday, June 19, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

Ladies and gentlemen, the CW has recently announced September 14th as the official Season 3 premiere of Gossip Girl!!!

If you haven't been watching Gossip Girl there is no need to worry. You have plenty of time to get caught up. Seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD and are definitely worth it. I don't remember high school being this drama filled or sexy. Then again, I didn't live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, own a camera phone, or take a limo ride to school every morning. In fact, my high school experience was the complete opposite.

Nowadays, TV is not at all entertaining anymore. I'd much rather spend time doing something else like reading or riding my lambo (bike). Needless to say, my tastes have changed however one thing remains the same. Monday nights will be devoted to GG come September.

I'm not opposed to trying something new. So if there are any other shows worth watching let me know, I'm willing to tune in at least once.

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