Samantha Clarke Photography Launch!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

I'm a woman of several passions; photography is one of them. I just recently launched my photography website WWW.SAMANTHACLARKE.NET. It's a convenient location on the Internet where you can access my portfolio, various promotions, contact info and other information. My current focus is portrait and lifestyle photography. For all those who enjoy fresh, simple, yet complex photography, I hope you can enjoy!

* ALL photos taken by yours truly! *
Click image to visit my website or my photo blog!

Christmas Promo is on now! See more information about it here.

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Her Commentary: Brendan Browne visits the University of Windsor

Thursday, October 8, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

My professors, Dr. J. Soderland and Dr. D. Briggs, invited all of us M.A. students to his Excellency Brendan Browne's address on The Caribbean Diaspora: Its Impact on Canada – Its Impact on the Caribbean. I was in attendance for the diplomat's lecture addressing the effects of immigration and emigration on Caribbean countries and Canada; a subject I have a deep interest in as I am of Caribbean decent.

Browne is an alumnus of the University of Windsor and it's Masters in Political Science program; the program I'm currently enrolled in. As High Commissioner to Canada for the countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, Brown represents Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and identified with several things that he described as the Caribbean culture such as taking care of elderly parents, the use of Moneygram and Western Union (remittance), and Caribana. I learned quite a bit about things I wasn't so familiar with the "brain drain" effect. A phenomena described as the large emigration of people with education and technical skills, as many tend to do leaving there Caribbean origins behind.

It was pleasant to see what an MA can lead to. Let's just say, I have high hopes.

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Her Find: Jonathan E. McCoy - Eliminate the N-word!

Sunday, October 4, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

Listen to 11 year old Jonathan McCoy's speech. It's a powerful message; I couldn't have said it better myself.

"Choose words that speak purpose and not defeat."

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Her Thoughts: Studying.

Sunday, September 27, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

I feel smarter already! Ha-ha!

As you know, every ounce of my free time is spent reading, researching, highlighting, and making notes. It's slightly unfortunate, but I'm more than glad that I have my blogs and my camera as an outlet from all the studying.

The things I've learned haven't necessarily been related to my course work.

A few key points, otherwise I'd run on for a while:

- school is just like riding a bike.
- campus life really is crazy. (Drake was right)
- confidence is a state of mind.

Enjoy that last bit of weekend left!


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Her Thoughts: We Will Remember

Sunday, September 20, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

This was the scene today on several overpasses in Toronto as Pte. Jonathan Couturier, 23, was brought home.

The 131st Canadian soldier to die in the Afghan war.

I get so angry every time I hear these stories. People's children, friends, brothers and sisters, parents, husbands and wives are dying and what for?

While driving underneath the bridges where all the people lined up, I felt incredibly angry mainly because the dead soldiers can't appreciate the love and support that people are showing them now. Then I thought about the families and all the people affected. How terrible must they feel at times like these? How do they continue after the flags have been returned to full mass?

Now, I'm just sad and speechless.

To the families:

For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord's.

Romans 14:8


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His Thoughts: Media in Football

by Dr3

Manchester United won the Manchester derby very controversially as the referee added extra minutes to 'extra time' to allow Manchester to squeeze out a dubious victory. 'Watch-checking' Ferguson, for the umpteenth time wasn't checking his watch when the pendulum swung his way; yes I’m saying it, he's a damn hypocrite and I smell politics.
What are the headlines though? No headlines mention the ref....nor are there any articles about the wronged coach's feelings about being cheated and bullied by the 'superpower'.
No, there are no white flags about scandal and no conspiracy theories. Instead the media push the fact that it was 'yet another' scintillating match, which showcased the supposed 'best league in the world' at its best.

America is a developing country as far as football knowledge and fanaticism is concerned. What is the impression that they get of, for instance the Serie A?

Answer: A league where scandal and simply put cheating is ubiquitous. Where coaches complain, players dive and referees again, just CHEAT.

Why do they get this impression?

Is it that the Calcio is really so overrun by corruption and scandal?
As much as I would like to put it squarely on the Italian media, it is them coupled with the English media that leads to this second hand and misguided impression being spread like the plague. Even beyond the ignorance of the 'Americans', there's the ignorance of the casual football fan. All they have to do is put their TV on for one weekend or go to once, and I can guarantee a host of clich├ęd not to mention archaic and unfounded positions of the EPL being the best, and the Serie A being defensive, and La Liga just being technical with no strength etc etc.

Cristiano Ronaldo left the premiership; he was widely considered tied best with Leo Messi if not the best player in the world for the last 2 or 3 years. He has gone to La Liga and all of a sudden, guess what? ROONEY is the best player in the world; according to English pundits. Now as much as it is delusional and ludicrous, it is also admirable; in that, the English stand behind their players. They hail their performances, and use any opportunity to highlight the progression of their unbalanced league (if you haven't guessed it by now, I STRENUOUSLY disagree with the English league being the best league).
They talk about La Liga being a two horse race, and Calcio being on decline (with Calciopoli and all), and then shovel this 'best league' talk, to anyone who has ears (quick side conspiracy: have you realized the dominance in the Champion's League by the English was coupled with the very same Calciopoli scandal?..nobody noticed?...wonder why?).

My point: The responsibility of the media should be beyond just stirring controversy. They are responsible for advertising and showcasing globally the brand of football in their respective countries. Maybe it’s because I don't speak Spanish that I don’t hear about them, but for some reason Italians speak clear English into my ears; helping spread the same fecal matter by highlighting only negatives (minus Diego who is the only shining light apparently), week in week out. Cultural? Maybe, but more so just bad business sense, and a backward mentality of everyone being an island (I can do the ref's job better than him, I can do the coaches job better than him, I can play better than Zlatan).

Calcio media do not attempt to advertise the high points nor showcase the talent that is ever present on a WEEKLY basis. Instead they keep interviewing Mourinho, and talking about referee bias, and conspiracy theories. Meanwhile mother England shovel this 'best league' moniker with no one stopping them; like stealing candy from a baby.

credit to for picture

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Her Review: Gossip Girl, Season 3 Premiere!

Friday, September 18, 2009 by Samantha Clarke

Dr3's Uefa has started and so has my Gossip Girl! It's my guilty pleasure and the only TV I can manage to follow while keeping such a busy schedule. I'd like to go over a few of the highlights before the drama starts up again on Monday.

First off, what in the world was all that game playing Chuck and Blair were doing? The beginning of the episode turned my stomach when Chuck brought that chick home. Only to find out that the two of them planned to humiliate the girl. I think their final decision to role play was a much better choice, since they love to play games. Those two need help!

My heart goes out to Serena, who is going through such trouble to get her father's attention. I personally think she needs to get over it! But then again, that wouldn't make for good TV. But hooking up with Cristiano Ronaldo?! Really S?? (maybe Dr3 might be interested in watching now!) NOT.

Then Dan lies to his bestie Vanessa who is dating his half brother that he doesn't know about! Hahaha!!! Twisted right? Well that's Gossip Girl for ya.

Dan and the Humphrey clan are now filthy rich. I never thought that he would have made such a 180 from his usual trash talk about the rich kids of the Upper East Side. I hope he doesn't forget where he came from.

And Nate's dissent from his grandfather is getting old! He should know by now that his grandfather is a schemer. I hope he learns sooner rather than later.

Watch episode number 2 on Monday at 9 ET on the CW!

I promise to complete all my readings prior to watching the show.

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